1. The membership is eligible at any Rouge Med Spa location. A member in any Rouge Med Spa location can use Rouge Med Spa services at any Rouge Med Spa location. There are no exclusions.
  2. The membership enrollment fee is $50. As long as you keep your membership current, you only pay this fee once.
  3. The monthly membership fee is $99.
  4. All Rouge Med Spa memberships are for a 12 month minimum term. Membership automatically renews each year. To stop automatic renewal, you must provide the notice below after the 12 month term. In order to cancel membership after the 12 month initial term, a 90 day written notice is required. To cancel, please make an appointment at any Rouge Med Spa location. Cancellations can only be processed in person.  In order to cancel a membership before the 12 month commitment has lapsed, the member must have moved more than 100 miles from any Rouge Med Spa location and will be required to send a current utility bill (gas, water, or electricity) with the address and member name on listed on the bill. If member has not relocated, and hasn’t been a member for the 12 month minimum, a $350 short term cancellation fee will be due to terminate membership. All cancellation requests due to moving must be sent to [email protected] with the supporting documentation.
  5. The monthly membership starts the day you sign up for your membership, and renews on that date each month. Your member discounts and benefits renew on that date as well. For example, if you sign up on March 4, 2018, you have until April 3, 2018 to use your monthly free member treatment benefit, and on March 4, 2019  you will be able to get your annual 2 free CoolSculpting® treatments as long as you’re a candidate for this treatment.
  6. On your annual membership anniversary, you are eligible to receive 2 CoolSculpting® treatments for free (up to $1400 value!). This gift is non-transferable and is subject to the the member’s candidacy for treatment.
  7. Complimentary monthly membership services can be used once per month and do not accrue. Only one complimentary monthly membership service can be completed each month.
  8. Membership pricing, promotions, and offers are non-transferrable. They are exclusively for use by members.
  9. The monthly discount can only be applied once per month per service.
  10. Training, modeling and flash sale specials are not eligible for membership discounts.
  11. Monthly membership dues cannot be supplemented by any other promotional vendor programs such as Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards. However, for example, if a member purchases Dysport®, they get the member rate, plus they can use their Aspire points.
  12. Any membership fee that is returned for insufficient funds, incorrect card number or card information is considered in arrears and due to Rouge Med Spa Aesthetics. Membership services and discounts are invalid and unavailable until any outstanding balances in arrears are paid as well as the current month’s fee
  13. If a membership is past due for more than 10 days, a membership is considered inactive. To reactivate membership, you must pay the $50 re-instatement fee.
  14. Membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit. Valid forms of payment include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.
  15. Prepayment is available for a maximum of 5 years. Membership fee prepayment must be paid for a minimum of one full year. Otherwise, the monthly installment plan will be the only available payment method.
  16. Monthly membership fees are drafted on a 30 day rolling basis. Fees are typically withdrawn on the same calendar day each month.
  17. Membership discounts and offers are available at each office that offers the services listed. If an office does not offer the service listed on the membership program, there will be no refunds or modifications for the members who visit that office.
  18. By participating in our membership program, Rouge Med Spa members agree to abide by Rouge Med Spa Policies, found here: https://www.Rouge Med Spa.com/policies/